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Seasonal Property Insurance

At EINSURE Las Vegas we have the seasonal property insurance options for your home away from home. Seasonal or second homes are occupied by the owner for less than 5 consecutive months each year. If this is you, then seasonal property insurance might be the right coverage.

The two options to protect your part-time home are dwelling property policies. A Dwelling Property (DP) policy is ideal for a seasonal home, such as a home in an isolated area, or that lacks utilities, or that does not use a furnace for heating.

DP Coverage Types for your Seasonal Home*

DP-1 Basic Form: Sometimes referred to as “residential fire” insurance, protects your property from damage cause by specific events, the “named perils.”

DP-3 Special Form: This offers broader protection. While similar in coverage to a standard homeowners program, it is designed for the seasonal market.

By adding our occasional rental coverage, you can rent your seasonal home to others for a short period of time when you are not using it.

Home Insurance

*These programs are not intended for condominiums or apartments. There are separate programs for full time rental houses.