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Brokers vs Direct Agents: The Truth About Insurance

Insurance Brokers Many Options

We all know what matters to people when they buy insurance, cost, ease, and peace of mind are always at the top of the list. You want an insurance that costs the least but gives you the most should you need to file a claim. Most people shop insurance companies to get the best possible mix of everything, and that includes having a broker or a direct agent. The article will discuss the benefits to brokers and direct agents to help you make an informed decision about your insurance provider.

What Do You Want From Your Insurance?

Cost of Insurance

As we mentioned the most important item that you are likely concerned with is the cost. How much will your premium be? The average person looks at a broker as if they are a middle man and therefore must have a higher premium, right? Think again. broker pricing is often better than direct insurance pricing. The insurers provide different rates, usually lower rates, to brokers, and therefore the resulting premiums are lower. Why is this? Simple. Brokers are well trained to select the right policy for their customers, and to not under insure them. This results in avoiding unnecessary claims while the correct premium income is maintained. In the long run it results in better policies for the insurers and the insured which reduces the cost for both

Ease of Purchase

Next on the short list of important items when choosing auto insurance is the ease of service. Again, you might assume that going directly to an insurance company and requesting a quote on their website would be easiest, right? Guess again. Brokers often answer inquiries and quote requests directly, which means that customers are speaking to a highly trained agent, not someone that is screening calls at a large office or call center. Their online experiences are typically easier as well. Brokers tend to be more proactive after receiving contact and respond immediately. This is especially true later in the policy life cycle, where the agent won’t necessarily contact policy holders, having an assistant making those contacts, a broker is more likely to contact you directly.

Peace of Mind

Brokers are highly trained at understanding how to assess your risk and make sure that you are properly covered. This, as mentioned above under the cost of insurance section, is one area that brokers stand way ahead of the pack. With multiple coverage options, almost always more than a direct insurance agent can offer, they need to be well versed in how to get you the best benefits while covering all your bases. With a direct insurance agent you will likely have to do a lot of work yourself, or know which questions to ask in order to be fully covered. A broker is far more efficient, cross checking policies all while educating you about where gaps may lie and offering options to close those gaps and protect all your assets. The wide range of options an insurance broker has to offer is a huge benefit to the consumer, making it so that the broker is the one doing the shopping, it is almost like having a personal buyer for your insurance.

What Type of Insurance Do Brokers Offer?

Virtually all insurances. And by having a broker that offers property, casualty, specialty and health insurances, you can not only be sure to cover everything, but you won’t be paying for the same coverage twice. Talk about a cost savings. And when you use a broker the ease of paying your premium is just that much easier.

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