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Brokers vs Direct Agents: The Truth About Insurance

We all know what matters to people when they buy insurance, cost, ease, and peace of mind are always at the top of the list. You want an insurance that costs the least but gives you the most should you need to file a claim. Most people shop insurance companies to get the best possible […]

Insurance In Depth: Motorcycle Coverage

You enjoy riding your motorcycle, letting the wind run through your hair, feeling the engine move through the gears, the sun shining on your face. So you drive cautiously and make sure to protect any damages and injuries with motorcycle insurance, right? Think again. Your motorcycle insurance might not cover at much as you think […]

What Your Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Auto insurance covers you when you are driving an automobile, whether it be a car, truck or van, but what your auto insurance does and doesn’t cover might surprise you. What is Not Covered by your Auto Insurance Policy While your vehicle is covered the items inside are not, unless they are part of the […]

So You Think You Have “Full Coverage”

In terms of insurance coverage, there is never enough, so when insurance agents hear someone say that they have “full coverage” it has a similar effect as nails on a chalkboard. This article will explain some of the common insurance myths and facts about insurance. Understanding these basic elements will certainly help you to understand […]

Pay Less for Your Auto Insurance

Like any other monthly service, there are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of auto insurance. Knowing what you are paying for, and what those lines of coverage include or exclude can make a big difference when you need to use your insurance. Understanding what your auto insurance covers may help you […]

What is a High Risk Driver?

All together too often the term “High Risk Driver” has a direct affiliation with a driver that is highly aggressive, has been at fault for multiple accidents, or is just plain irresponsible on the roads. While all of these things may be true, being considered a high risk driver is actually a much broader term […]