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Homeowners Insurance: What you don’t know may cost you

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Homeowners insurance is a necessity, so as a homeowner in Las Vegas you know you need homeowners insurance, but understanding how it’s calculated is complex, right? Not necessarily. Understanding the basics to what  increases your premium can help you make better home buying decisions as well as better decisions on an insurance broker. In this article EINSURE will discuss some of the basic factors contributing to your homeowners insurance premium.

Where do you live?

One of the largest factors of your homeowners insurance premium is the neighborhood you live in. In the Las Vegas valley this can be night versus day. The Las Vegas strip is fun and adventurous, drawing visitors from around the world. The not so talked about side to this atmosphere is the danger it invites. Las Vegas is one of the  most crime ridden cities in the country. In contrast Henderson is one of the safest cities in the nation.

As the neighborhood you live in can change over the years, having an insurance company that can look at the features of your community to determine your true risk can help with significant savings in your premium. Be sure to identify safety features and security features and point these out to your agent when considering your premium.

What is the age, size and construction of your home?

It goes without saying that newer homes are generally constructed with new technology that is safe and therefore has decreased homeowner insurance premiums. Having an older home doesn’t mean that your premiums will necessarily skyrocket, but being aware of the difference age and construction materials your home is built from can be helpful in home purchasing decisions.

The size of your home is another factor you should consider. Larger homes will be more costly to repair or replace should the unthinkable happen. Considering the true size of a home you need, rather than one you want could add up to substantial savings over the lifetime of owning your home.

How much are your personal belongings worth?

Cataloging and providing a complete list of personal belongings to your homeowners insurance agent will ensure that should a claim arise your articles will be replaced. Often homeowners don’t recall all the items in their home, and their agent doesn’t have a clear picture of replacement costs. This results in often too little coverage.

Are you fully covered in case of a claim?

At EINSURE our agents are well trained to ask all the questions we need to give you the lowest premium that covers your assets in case of a claim. When it comes to your home, don’t cut corners and make sure that you and your family are covered should you need to file a claim for a flood, fire or other damage.

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