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The Talk No One Wants To Have

life insurance

Life Insurance, it’s a dreaded conversation to have, but the truth is, whether you are old or young, have ten or zero dependents, are in great health or poor, you never know what tomorrow may bring. The sad truth of the matter is that regardless of your position right now, life insurance is a necessity.

Even the most modest of final arrangements are in the thousands of dollars. Social security often awards survivors around $500, leaving the burden on your family and loved ones. At an already difficult and emotional time, the gift of covering the expenses is frequently more than a blessing.

Why do you need life insurance?

You never know. Certainly no one anticipates an unexpected illness or tragic accident, but otherwise healthy individuals may expire due to natural causes, and without warning. The life insurance coverage offered by EINSURE helps to pay everyday expenses, and tax-free cash to pay estate and death duties. While nothing can replace you, planning ahead can make it less stressful to bear the loss.

Protect your loved ones. As we have mentioned life insurance covers those everyday costs that don’t stop when tragedy occurs. Covering the financial burden of a loss means that surviving dependents will have the time they need to mourn without facing more losses and devastation. Death shouldn’t mean debt and financial destitute.

Supplement your retirement. Many people don’t understand that life insurance can be used, at least partially, while you are still alive. The right line of life insurance can help make sure that your retirement savings last as long as you do. Annuities are like pension plans. You put a specified amount of money into a life insurance product, and in return you can receive guaranteed monthly payments, for as long as you live.

Peace of mind. While no amount of money can replace you as an individual, life insurance can help provide protection for the uncertainties life has to offer. At EINSURE, our team of professional insurance agents offer competitive options for life insurance, to help provide protection for anything life can throw at you. We can write a new policy or review your existing one to make sure that you are covered.