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Adding Insurance Can Reduce Overall Premium

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There are a lot of ways to reduce your monthly premium for insurance coverage, today we will explain a way of adding coverage which may reduce your bill. Yes, you read that correctly. You are probably thinking that in order to add a new line of insurance and reduce your overall premium you will have to sacrifice coverage. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Combining Renters Insurance & Auto Insurance

For many auto insurance policyholders, adding a line of renters insurance not only will protect you and  your belongings in the event of a casualty, but it may also result in a reduced monthly premium. Most providers offer a reduction on monthly premiums for multiple policies. Since the cost of renters insurance is generally a minimal cost, the multiple policy discount offered is typically more than the cost of the renters insurance policy. This is just one example of adding more coverage and paying less every month.

See How We Can Save You More

At EINSURE our goal is to give our policyholders the best possible insurance services at the lowest possible monthly premium. By shopping multiple carriers, we take the guess work out of insurance savings, combining policies where it matters most while still providing you with the coverage you need. To learn more insurance savings tips, contact your EINSURE representative today, and see how much we can save you.